Rui Pedro Machado

Manager of BI and Big Data @ Jumia // Co-founder and CEO @

Rui Pedro Machado enjoys playing a good football game, either physically or virtually.

Keeps riding his skateboard on weekends but never says no to a good reading session in those sunny days. His academic background has a graduate degree in Information Systems, a post-graduation in Business Intelligence and a Masters degree in Data Analytics.

He is a hands-on information systems developer and entrepreneur, highly oriented for innovative solutions, always looking for technical and business solutions to fix all sort of problems. Over six years of experience in the design and implementation of business intelligence and analytics solutions.

Has been collaborating with companies from industries such as healthcare, e-commerce, and logistics, architecting and implementing solutions to solve data and decision support related problems.

Currently working as a BI and Big Data Manager at JUMIA, he is also founder and CEO of