João Santos

Research Consultant, Data Analyst, Python Dev

For my PhD, and later also with King Abdullah’s University of Science and Technology (KAUST, Saudi Arabia), I worked in rice genomics. This sector is prolific in the production of data, and my work has involved the joint analysis / merger of annotation, passport, and genomic data. My PhD focused on the exploration of large data sets (and developed my interest in summary analysis and visualization).

More recently I have worked with the Portuguese National Health institute (INSA) in order to build, test and deploy an online platform for the processing and analysis of clinical samples. My coding experience is primarily in bash and python, R when required, and since 2016 most of my work has been conducted on Linux environments and computing grids.

Despite the background emphasis on Big Data, my real interest lies in its accessibility and use. I am motivated by the development of infrastructures and tools of use to other analysts, and of visualizations and web applications that facilitate decision making.