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Scrum by the Toyota Way (3 certifications included: PSM + ICAgile + Toyota)

Scrum The Toyota Way is a fully accredited and multi certified class.

Learn at the heart of Lean in a real world operating environment. Go inside the company and hear from those that are delivering agility in the world’s highest regarded and most respected automotive company. The birthplace of lean and the genesis for many Agile concepts.

Learn Scrum the way the creators intended it to be taught and hear from a trainer who learned from the creators and taught others on behalf of the co-creator.

Learn the roots of The Toyota Production System and the tools and techniques that make Toyota the Gold standard in Lean, direct from the creators of Lean, and from a trainer who is an expert in how Toyota does what Toyota does better than anyone else.

Experience how Toyota is learning and using Scrum and see real world examples of their successes and challenges. Experience true openness and transparency as they share their journey with you, and teach you the patterns that work, and give you the tools and knowledge to take back into your world and succeed.

Join your trainer Nigel Thurlow, Chief of Agile at Toyota Connected, and his team as they guide you through two fun filled and energetic days of learning to apply deep systems thinking concepts, lean tools and behaviors, together with the Scrum Framework and Agile mindset.

Not a one size fits all approach, just deep learning of Scrum coupled with all the patterns being used by some of the best Agile teams in the world. Learn how to use Scrum to build amazing teams and create the environments for success. Learn how to apply Toyota thinking and Toyota tools to enable greater agility and deliver Customer 1st value.


Nigel Thurlow

Chief of Agile at Toyota Connected



  • Scrum The Toyota Way is an ICAgile Certified Course: attendees will receive an ICAgile Certified Practitioner accreditation upon successful completion of class.
  • In addition each participant will receive a certificate of training from Toyota Connected (unique to this class).
  • Students will also receive a one-time code to attempt the PSM I assessment from Scrum.org.

This class also qualifies for 16 SEUs (Scrum Alliance Educational Units) under category C and 16 contact hours for PMI PDUs.


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Certified LeSS Practitioner: Principles to Practices 1 Rumos, Formação e Serviços em Tecnologias da Informação

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  • Anyone who wants to understand Scrum and The Toyota Tools, including: non-technical professionals, business leaders, software engineers and professional Scrum Masters. This class will help you to acquire a deeper understanding of Scrum and Lean concepts and practices.
  • For those already in a specific Scrum role, such as Scrum Masters, and those who support Scrum teams, the two-day course provides “expert practice” for both hard and soft skills.
  • This is an all inclusive class that will help you acquire a deeper understanding of Scrum and Lean concepts and practices. This is Scrum for everyone, and is the class Toyota Executives and professionals alike are experiencing and raving about.


  • No prerequisites are required


Students who take this unique course will learn a common language and knowledge base of the Scrum Framework, and the ability to start practicing Scrum or interact with other teams utilizing Scrum approches.

Participants will gain a deeper understanding of the Toyota Production System and how the DNA of Toyota is deeply intertwined with Scrum and Agile. Students will learn how to identify non-value-added work and how to optimize product flow.

A critical part of a successful Scrum transformation is the broader training of the teams to ensure that they share a common foundation of understanding and know WHAT they are doing, as well as WHY.

This is a unique opportunity to learn from the best in a real working transformational environment and master Scrum The Toyota Way!


In this class, a combination of group exercises, facilitated discussions, case studies, tool examples and open Q&A are used to illustrate the principles being taught. The course includes a flexible curriculum that allows the team to guide its own learning experience.


  • What is Scrum? Team roles, tools and time constructs
  • Understand Agile and differences between Lean, Scrum and Agile
  • Learn how “The Toyota Way” and Toyota Production Systems is built into Scrum and Agile
  • Learn how TBP Problem Solving is key to successful agility
  • Learn key systems thinking approaches through interactive exercises
  • How to set up Scrum teams and begin work in the most effective way
  • How to create, prioritize and estimate user stories for the product backlog
  • The role of management in a company powered by self-organizing teams
  • How to help new and experienced teams to be more successful
  • Understand and use value stream mapping
  • Learn Agile forecasting and budgeting, and release planning.

Scrum by the Toyota Way (3 certifications included: PSM + ICAgile + Toyota)



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